MARCH 2019:


BOOMER CONSUMER 2.0: The New Future of Marketing to Older Adults

Underwritten by: BB&T Capital Markets Group and Immersion Active

Has your organization woken to the expanding opportunity of the longevity category? The fastest and most significant growth areas in our economy for the next 10+ years will be meeting the needs of those 55 and older.

It’s a demographic group that spends $3.2 trillion annually on goods and services today, and is projected to increase in size by 50% between now and 2030. No other age segment is anticipated to grow in size.

The only way to win in that space is to fully understand the demographic group that will drive that growth: Boomers.


The study was fielded in January 2019 and is currently being analyzed. Topline reports will be available soon and the full report will be available by April.


Boomers are 55- to 73-years-old in 2019. What are their wants? Needs? How can one reach them? Where will they live? Who will care for them? With the oldest members still years from considering moving to a retirement community or into assisted living, many are preparing to seize the business opportunity of a new, vital, engaged consumer segment.

This new national research, with over 4,000 completed surveys, answers how the older Boomer Consumer currently thinks and reflects on where and how they will live, work and play. Not surprising, the majority of respondents say they want to stay in their home when they reach “old age.” Less than one in five report interest in living in a senior living community, but interestingly, two in five say living in a community with people with similar interests, hobbies, or passions is appealing.

This study captures where Boomers are on life’s journey, how they think and feel, where they plan to live, and how best to effectively reach them via marketing.
— Matt Thornhill, Managing Partner, SIR's Institute for Tomorrow

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Published in 2007, this award-winning book still delivers valuable insights relevant today.

Published in 2007, this award-winning book still delivers valuable insights relevant today.

In 2003, SIR launched the Boomer Project to inform marketers about Boomers at age 50 and beyond. Some 16 years later, the median age of this generation of 70 million is now 63. How are they different? What’s next? How can you meet their needs?