All of our speeches have one overall theme: Winning Tomorrow Starts Today. We explain key trends impacting your organization's future, and the people shaping it today.

Each presentation is then customized based on input from the client. We take what we know, add what we learn from you, and then conduct our own background research on your organization, industry or region. That enables us to focus our speech on the major trends impacting your future and the action steps leaders need to take today.


Clients today are most interested in versions of these three presentations:

Unemployment is 4.1 percent, above what economists consider “full employment.” Demand for workers is growing, but the number available is projected to be flat over the next decade. This is no longer a battle being fought across industries, it's an all-out War for Workers.

A.I. and robots are coming to take away jobs — in the future. But they are not today’s answer. How do you win the war for workers here and now? In this keynote, breakout, or workshop, we share resilient strategies organizations can use for finding, recruiting, managing, and retaining workers of all ages. This mission-critical, informative and entertaining session is for organizations across the private and public sectors.

More on the topic is here. And here's a recent blog post on the issue.


This popular keynote series focuses on the winning traits that companies, organizations, or communities need to have in order to be more successful tomorrow. It starts by teaching the audience how to become a futurist and how to apply a generational lens to make sense of what's coming.

In every speech, we:

  • Use customized insights on the trends directly impacting your company, industry, organization, or community.
  • Explain the impact Millennials (and all generations) will have on your opportunities and issues.
  • Provide clear action steps and a "Tomorrow Map" summarizing the key trends and implications.
  • Ask provocative Navigation Questions, markers on the road forward that can impact velocity and ideas on how to stay on top of what's around the next corner.

The impact of self-driving vehicles and the subsequent "Passenger Economy" will extend far beyond how we move people and goods from A to B. Driverless vehicles will change everything from A to Z -- where and how we live, work, and shop. This new keynote is customized to your industry, organization, or region and will open your eyes and jump start your thinking about planning for a driverless future.

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