All of our speeches are customized to equip leaders with what they need to know today to win tomorrow. We explain key trends impacting your organization's future, and the people shaping it today.

Each presentation is designed for the audience and event. We take what we know, add what we learn from you, and then conduct our own background research on your organization, industry or region. That enables us to focus our speech on the major trends impacting your future and the actions leaders need to take today.

Matt’s ability to hone his message to match his audience is indicative of his preparation time. This is the second time I have heard him speak and both presentations, though on the same topic, were very different. Matt is a consummate professional who truly resonates with his audience – our membership giving him several rounds of spontaneous applause and a standing ovation. His follow up small group workshop was standing room only. Very impressive!”
— Scott Hancock, Executive Director, Maryland Municipal League

Also, for every presentation, we distribute an interactive "score card" so the audience can track how well their organization is doing as we share key traits impacting them. It's a great engagement tool that audiences love.


Clients today are most interested in versions of these presentations:

Unemployment is 3.8 percent, far below what economists consider “full employment.” Demand for workers is growing, but the number available is projected to be flat over the next decade. The only way to get new workers is to steal them from somewhere else. That means your workplace has to deliver more.

In this keynote, breakout, or workshop, we identify the key traits of winning workplaces of today, and share resilient strategies organizations can use for finding, recruiting, managing, and retaining workers of all ages. This mission-critical, informative and entertaining session is for organizations across the private and public sectors.

More on the topic is here. And here's a recent blog post on the issue.


This popular keynote series focuses on the winning traits that companies, organizations, municipalities, and communities need to have in order to be more successful tomorrow. It  teaches the audience how to become a futurist and how to use a generational lens to make sense of what's coming.


In every speech, we:

  • Use customized insights on the trends directly impacting your company, industry, organization, municipality or community.
  • Explain the impact different generations, especially Millennials, will have on your opportunities and issues.
  • Provide clear action steps and a "score card" so audience members can assess where they need to focus efforts. 


In the next dozen years the population of 65+ in America will increase in size by 60 percent. There are fortunes to be made in a surprising number of categories and industries as the Boomer generation transforms what it means to grow old in America. This provocative and insightful session informs leaders on how best to capitalize on the Boomer Consumer of tomorrow.

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