Sure, you hire us to share what we know. But our approach is to do it in a way so the audience "gets it." To do that, we have to start with the audience first: who are they, what are their current perceptions and/or knowledge of the topic, and what should they think, feel, or do as a result of our presentation.

By putting the audience first, everyone benefits. The audience leaves knowing something that benefits them. Meeting planners are pleased. And we are happy because we've delighted yet another client and audience.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Customized Insights -- No matter the topic, we always do our due diligence to make sure we speak to the issues facing the industry, organization, or community. By applying industry or regional knowledge to our trends, we can bring them to life and make them more meaningful for the audience. We do our homework. Ask any previous client.

  2. Clear Next Steps -- It's great that we teach, but we also inspire and guide. All of our presentations have clear action steps -- now that you know this, here's what you should be doing. 
  3. Navigation Questions -- We also always provide two or more questions that challenge the audience to think differently about their future. These often provocative questions stimulate thinking and help audiences put into practice what we share about mapping tomorrow.
  4. Captivated Audiences -- Ours is a fast-paced, highly visual presentation with modern, clean graphics presented in an engaging, energetic style guaranteed to delight the audience. 
  5. Practical Handouts -- Every presentation comes with summary PDF handouts so audiences can refer back to what they learned.


We want an engaged audience in the room as much as you do. That's why we'll provide materials to help you with event promotion, sponsorships, and marketing

For example, here are three recent short promotional videos that our team wrote, filmed, edited, and produced at the request of clients for upcoming conferences:

You can use videos like this with potential event attendees and sponsors, getting them excited about the topic — and, possibly, interested in a sponsorship package. 


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